The Glaciers project is led by the Department of Geography, University of Zurich (GIUZ) as a prime contractor.

The EO expert team consists of four sub-contractors from four countries. Two of these sub-contractors are industry partners (Enveo, Gamma) and two sub-contractors are from Universities (GUIO, SEEL). The climate research group is led by the University of Bristol. The key personnel of the consortium are:

Scientific Leader:

Project Manager:

EO Science Team:

System Engineers (SE)

Climate Research Group (CRG)

User groups

Main users of the Glaciers products are the two key science bodies WGMS and GLIMS within the Global Terrestrial Network for Glaciers (GTN-G). Additional users on global to regional scales are the glaciological and hydrological modelling communities who will use the generated data in their applications. The creation of a globally complete and detailed glacier inventory is a major action item (T.2.1) in the GCOS implementation plan. In this regard, the product will also serve the UNFCCC in improving the estimates of the contribution of glaciers and icecaps to global sea-level rise for the forthcoming IPCC Assessment Report (AR5).