ESA CCI SM v08.1

Download CCI SM v08.1

The latest version v08.1 includes data to December 31st, 2022. The algorithm has been updated as follows:

Further information can be found in the documentation. Licensing conditions follow the principles of openness and transparency wherever applicable. All ECV data products resulting from the project are freely accessible.

Downloading the Data

All (current and past) versions of ESA CCI SM data can be downloaded for free and without registration from the CEDA Archive under "data/daily_files".

Using the Data

For information on how to use the product, please read the Product User Guide (PUG). This is also available in the docs folder of the FTP site (from which the data can be downloaded).

The downloadable data is provided in 2D (longitude, latitude) image files representing one day of the record. A package is available in python for reading the data as daily images and converting these images to time series and reading them.

Any software that can handle CF conform data should be able to import the raw .nc files (e.g. CDO, NCO, QGIS, ArCGIS, Matlab, R, ...). You can also use the GUI software Panoply to view each file.

Known issues

Below is a summary of the reported issues of the ESA CCI SM products:

ESA CCI SM v08.1

ESA CCI SM v08.1 soil moisture uncertainty for the day 2021-8-3 highlighting the issue in the processing.

ESA CCI SM v08.1 soil moisture for the day 2021-8-3, showing no spatial discontinutity around the affected area.

Citing the data

The following citations are compulsory with the use of the dataset:

Further information

If you are interested in previous product versions, please visit the CEDA Archive or send us a request at:


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