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Water Vapour

The Water Vapour project is generating new global high-quality climate data records of both total column and vertically resolved water vapour

Über das Projekt

Water vapour (H₂O) in the atmosphere is a key component of the Earth’s hydrological cycle, critical in shaping the global environment and supporting life on Earth as we know it.

The Water Vapour project is generating four key deliverables, which include Climate Data Records (CDRs) of both total column water vapour over land and ocean (CDR-1 and CDR-2), and vertically resolved water vapour (CDR-3 and CDR-4). Two of these CDRs are now available (see Data for more details):

  • Total column water vapour over land, CCI TCWV-land (CDR-1)
  • Vertically resolved water vapour in the stratosphere, CCI WV-strato (CDR-3)

These CDRs are working towards satisfying the key user requirements of the climate research community that were defined at the beginning of the project and are being updated throughout the lifetime of the project. If you want to get involved in the user group of our water vapour products and help define climate data record requirements, please contact the Science Lead of the Water Vapour project. Click on the following link to see short descriptions of the different CDRs.

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