Climate for the public

Games exploring aspects of climate change and the role of satellite data in monitoring it

Guides and materials for informal activities that facilitate understanding of climate, climate change and climate data.

This group of three games has been developed by ESA’s Climate Change Initiative (CCI) to support its classroom resources and contribute to increasing public understanding of climate change. They address a key task of the CCI: monitoring the environment and living things.

The games are independent, but playing them in the sequence shown below can amplify participants’ emotional and social awareness of the aspects explored.

The three games are:

Monitoring game
Play this game to experience the difficulties of monitoring many variables at once.
How many observations can you remember?

Albedo game
Play this game to discover how melting sea ice influences the rate of further melting.

Biodiversity and habitat game
Play this game to explore the reality of the complex but necessary interactions between species and habitats.

How many species can you or your team connect to?

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