The mid-term review of the Climate Change Initiative (CCI), a programme under ESA's Earthwatch Programme Element will be held on 26 November. Due to Covid-19, the review meeting will be held online.

The meeting is open to ESA Member State delegations and their respective invited experts, by invitation only.

The agenda and presentations and posters from individual ECV projects can be accessed via the links below.

The mid-term review meeting will be split into two parts:

Morning session

  • We will review the results and achievements of CCI+ phase 1, including recommendations for CCI+ phase 2, based on current experience. Please note the review questions for CCI+ phase 1.

Afternoon session

  • We will look ahead in our panel and discuss the upcoming challenges in climate research, monitoring and modelling with a view to ESA’s contribution to them. For the panel discussion, we have asked panellists to briefly address the following points, based on their expertise and organisational background:
  • Evolution of the CCI+ programme: based on current activities and achievements, how do you see the continuation and expansion of the CCI+ programme in the future, what should be the future focus of this programme, which activities would you recommend to be addressed in future?
  • ESA’s contribution to climate activities in a wider context: looking beyond the immediate focus of the CCI+ programme, what other activities would you recommend ESA should focus on in future with relevance to climate activities? These might include climate research, monitoring, modelling, global climate policy, support to policy makers on national and regional level, addressing adaptation and mitigation.

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