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Jan. 22, 2020

Round Robin on HR land cover mapping using Sentinel-1 & Sentinel-2 data

Researchers invited to participate in Round Robin on HR Land Cover

The European Space Agency and the CCI High Resolution Land Cover project team invite interested researchers to participate to the Round Robin on High Resolution Land Cover mapping using Sentinel-1 (S-1) and Sentinel-2 (S-2) data.

The Round Robin refers to the land cover classification using a one-year data set of S-1 and S-2 data in three different regions, one in Siberia and two in the Amazon region. A more detailed description of the test areas, together with the land-cover maps already available at 300 m spatial resolution from the Medium Resolution Land Cover project can be found here.

Each interested researcher/team is asked to produce for each of the three regions a land cover map at 10m spatial resolution with a predefined minimum set of land cover classes.

The author/team of the maps selected on the basis of a rigorous quality assessment process by the validation group of the HR Land Cover project will be:

  • Announced and recognized in the ESA CCI web portal.
  • Invited to make a presentation and discuss their approach in a project meeting of the CCI HR Land Cover project.

Information about how to register, download the data and receive a more detailed description of the tasks requested to be part of this Round Robin are available here.