1st Permafrost_cci User Workshop

ESA's Permafrost CCI held its 1st User Workshop on 27 September 2021 as an online event.


The final meeting Agenda is available for your information: CCI+_PERMA_WORKSHOP_AGENDA_v3.

Project presentations

Overview and Status of Permafrost_cci (Annett Bartsch, b.geos)

Using CCI+ Permafrost Data in model evaluation (Heidrun Matthes, AWI)

Combination of Permafrost_cci time series with Landsat trends (Ingmar Nitze, AWI)

GlobPermafrost heritage – overview and selected use examples (Annett Bartsch, b.geos)

Algorithm implementaion (Sebastian Westermann, GUIO)

Validation (Birgit Heim, AWI)

Rock glacier kinematics (Tazio Strozzi, Gamma)


In the frame of the European Space Agency (ESA) Climate Change Initiative (CCI) the permafrost_cci project developed and generated a novel 23 years long climate data record of annual northern hemisphere permafrost parameters using satellite data. The products were specified based on a requirement review at the start of the project (User requirements document) building on a series of surveys within the ESA DUE Permafrost and GlobPermafrost projects. The third version of the permafrost product consists of annual ground temperature at various depths (GRD), active layer thickness (ALT) and permafrost extent (PEX). The data were released to the user community through the ESA CCI Open Data Portal.

In order to characterise the evolution of mountain permafrost globally, an IPA Action Group was launched in 2018 to manage a service dedicated to rock glacier inventories and kinematics and to promote the integration of rock glacier kinematics as a new associated parameter to the ECV Permafrost. In this context, specific guidelines to integrate kinematic information within rock glacier inventories exploiting satellite SAR interferometry were developed within permafrost_CCI and applied to eleven regional inventories worldwide (see here under Preliminary results).

The workshop will bring together the permafrost_cci project team, the Climate Research Group associated with permafrost_cci, and users of permafrost_cci products working in various application fields related to climate monitoring and modelling.

Objectives of the workshop

Expected outcomes of the workshop

Important dates

Scientific organizing committee

Further information

Annett Bartsch (annett.bartsch [at] bgeos.com) or Tazio Strozzi (strozzi [at] gamma-rs.ch)