The Sea Surface Temperature_cci project generates three types of data:

  1. Most convenient for many general users is our “SST analysis”, which is a global, gridded, gap-free estimate of daily average sea surface temperature at a resolution of ~5 km. For more information and data:
  2. Users wanting gridded data, but only where SST was actually observed (no gap-filling) should look at “level 3” data: and
  3. Users who need the native, highest resolution information as viewed originally by the satellite should look at: and

The data are available openly for you to use. If you use our data in any report or article, you have just one obligation which is to attribute the data correctly.

As explained on the data pages, to attribute the data correctly, you should quote the correct name for the dataset and version you use, to cite the correct dataset location and our peer-reviewed article describing the science behind the data.

Interactive globe - Sea Surface Temperature (1981–2016) Version: 2.1