The Water_Vapour_cci project has successfully completed Phase 1 and now enters into its Phase 2, a 3-year extension that will allow for the continued development of four atmospheric water vapour Climate Data Records in line with requirements of the GCOS Water Vapour Essential Climate Variable

Phase 1 closed with many achievements:

Some details from each of the CDRs are given below.

CCI TCWV-land (CDR1) - Phase 1 example

CM SAF/CCI TCWV-global (COMBI) (CDR-2) - Phase 1 example

CCI WV-strato (CDR-3) - Phase1 example

CCI WV-UTLS (CDR-4) - Phase1 example

CM SAF/CCI TCWV-global (COMBI; CDR-2) - March 2011

Building on the success of Water_Vapour_cci Phase 1, the objectives for Phase 2 are:

While there are scientific and technical challenges ahead, the Consortium are very pleased to aim to meet those challenges over the next three years.

New Partner for Phase 2

The project welcomes Christian Rolf and his team from the Forschungszentrum Jülich, who join the Water_Vapour_cci consortium to work as part of the Validation group, focusing on validation of Vertical WV data using airborne in situ measurements from IAGOS and JULIA.