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21. September 2020

10th CCI Colocation 9-11 Sep 2020

Outputs from the 10th CCI colocation meeting 9-11 September

The ESA Climate Change Initiative held its 10th colocation meeting on 9-11 September 2020. The meeting reviews programme progress and discuss future priorities to support future climate research and policy needs.

The Agenda below provides details the meeting activity and downloads of key presentations and discussions.


Day 1

Opening and Welcome - Maurice Borgeaud, Head of Department EOP-S

ESA’s role in providing evidence of a changing climate, including CCI’s achievements - Josef Aschbacher, Director EOP

News and update on implementation for CCI+ - Susanne Mecklenburg, Head of ESA Climate Office EOP-SC

Session 1: CCI’s contribution to international climate initiatives

Panel discussion presentations

Panel discussion - summary note

Session 2: Cross-ECV – from current to future activities, lessons learned and setting priorities for future activities


Breakout discussion sessions

Feedback from Breakout Session

DAY 2 – Thursday 10 September 2020

Session 3: Earth Observation for UNFCCC Paris Agreement


Breakout Session (Brainstorming and identification of case studies on how EO can support the implementation of the Paris Agreement.)

Feedback from Breakout Session


Poster session from CCI ECV projects:

Aerosol, Biomass, Cloud, CMUG, Fire, Greenhouse Gases, Glaciers, Ice Sheets (Antarctica), Ice Sheets (Greenland), Lakes, Soil Moisture, High-resolution Land Cover, Land Cover, Land Surface Temperature, Ozone, Permafrost, Sea Level Budget Closure, Sea Surface Salinity, Sea Surface Temperature, Sea State, Sea Ice, Snow, Water Vapour.

DAY 3 – Friday 11 September 2020

Session 4: AI Contribution to Climate Data and Modelling


  • AI for Climate Modelling - Peter Düben, ECMWF
  • AI activities relevant for Climate in ESA's Phi-Lab - Pierre Philippe Mathieu ESA
  • CCI & AI - Carsten Brockmann, Brockmann Consult

Breakout session (Discussions on science challenges & feasibility of potential AI solutions)

Feedback from Breakout Session

Session 5: Collaboration between Climate Change Initiative and Copernicus Climate Change Service (C3S)


Plenary discussion - led by Anna Maria Trofaier

Seed questions

  • What R&D activities are needed to support C3S operational CDR production?
  • Which ECVs should CCI prepare for future use by C3S?
  • How can we improve interoperability and efficiency in the CCI-C3S collaboration?

Session 6: Evolution of CCI into phase 2 and beyond to a new ESA Climate programme - the views of the Science Leader