A series of inspirational classroom resources to engage students to learn about Earth’s changing climate and how to monitor our planet from space.

Developed under the ESA Climate Change Initiative (CCI), these resources help teachers to cover the major aspects of the climate system and support Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics topics across eleven educational systems from ESA member States.

Consisting of a teacher guide, student worksheets and links to resources for additional information, each classroom resource use engaging climate narratives, practical experiments and integrates ESA's Climate from Space web application, allowing students to explore over 40 years of global satellite data used to understand many aspects of the climate and provide early warning of change.

Tailored to the curricula for primary and secondary education across Europe, a full complement of 10 resources are under development, and will be made available in five European languages.

Primary classroom resources

Lower secondary education

Upper secondary education

*=under development

Is ozone good or bad ERP

The Water Cycle ERP

Country Under Threat ERP

A passage opens ERP

The carbon cycle ERP

Taking the pulse of the planet (lower secondary) ERP

Taking the pulse of the planet (upper secondary) ERP

Urban hotspots ERP

Biodiversity and habitat loss ERP

Planetary heat pumps ERP