The classroom resources developed under the ESA Climate Change Initiative (CCI) aim to raise students' awareness of climate change and show its impacts around the world. Ten resource packs tailored to the curricula for primary and secondary education in Europe will be freely available from 2020, in five European languages.

Education resources of the CCI.

The project team has carried out a comprehensive analysis of STEM curricula in eight European countries. From this analysis, ten topics are being developed into learning activities that include classroom experiments. The experiments engage students in learning about physical climate processes. For example, how ultraviolet radiation affects our skin and the essential role of ozone in protecting us, the thermal expansion of water as a major contributor to sea-level rise, and how clouds are formed.

The classroom resources are supported by the Climate from Space (CfS) App to help students explore the full range of CCI climate datasets - from sea ice, to atmospheric carbon dioxide concentration, to surface temperatures to ocean salinity - and explore changes across the planet.

Learning packs include a structured lesson plan, a student activity sheet and supporting materials.