Mid-Term Review 2020

CCI Mid-Term Review | 26 November 2020

All times stated are provided in CET.

08:30 | Attendees to connect to the meeting (Webex details for this online meeting, supplied separately.)

1 Introduction

09:00 | Welcome & introduction, Juliette Lambin, CNES, PB-EO chair

09.05 | Organisation and logistics, Maurice Borgeaud, ESA

09.10 | ESA contribution to international climate initiatives, Josef Aschbacher, ESA

2 CCI+ Implementation Status

09:30 | Programme Status, Susanne Mecklenburg, ESA

2.1 Quantifying ECVs (theme i & ii)

09:50 | Ocean - Sea state, Ocean colour, Sea surface temperature, Sea level, Sea surface salinity - Shubha Sathyendranath, PML

10:05 | Cryosphere - Sea ice, Ice sheets: Antarctica and Greenland, Glaciers, Snow, Permafrost - Thomas Nagler, ENVEO

10:20 | Land - Soil moisture, Land surface temperature, Land cover – HR/MR, Fire, Lakes, Biomass - Emilio Chuvieco, Alcala University

10:35 | Atmosphere - Ozone, Aerosol, GHG, Cloud, Water Vapour - Michel van Roozendael, BIRA

10:50 | Q&A for delegations’ feedback

11:10 | Coffee Break

2.2 Integrating ECVs into Climate Models and addressing scientific questions (theme iii)

11:30 | CMUG - Richard Jones, UK Met Office

11:40 | IMBIE - Andrew Shepherd, University of Leeds

11:50 | SLBC - Anny Cazenave, Legos

12:00 | RECCAP-2 - Philippe Ciais, LSCE

2.3 Knowledge Exchange

12.10 | Knowledge Exchange (theme iv) - Carsten Brockmann, Brockmann Consult

12:30 | Q&A for delegations’ feedback - All delegations

13:00 | Lunch break

3 Looking ahead

3.1 Way forward for CCI+ phase 2 and elements of a new ESA Climate Programme

14:00 | Way forward for CCI+ phase 2 and elements of a new ESA Climate Programme, Susanne Mecklenburg

3.2 Key challenges in climate research and monitoring and modelling for ESA

14:20 | 3.2 Key challenges in climate research and monitoring - Moderator: Stephen Briggs

Panel discussion introduced by 1-2 slides per speaker

15:40 | Q&A for delegations’ feedback - All delegations

16:20 | Summary from the panel discussion, Stephen Briggs

16:30 | Concluding remarks and way forward, Josef Aschbacher, ESA

16:45 | Closing remarks, Juliette Lambin, CNES PB-EO chair

4. CCI ECV Project posters

View posters from each of the CCI ECV projects here.

Review questions CCI+ phase 1

To assess the status of the CCI+ phase 1 programme implementation, the following questions should be addressed:

  1. Is CCI providing the relevant policy information to UNFCCC climate activities (e.g. through the research community contributing to IPCC)?
  2. Is CCI taking full advantage of ESA and European EO missions and multi-disciplinary scientific expertise to create high quality climate records?
  3. Is CCI addressing new science questions in an innovative way and taking a leading role in science development through building an active climate community?
  4. Is CCI actively fostering the link between climate observations and the climate modelling community?
  5. Is CCI adequately connected and responsive to the needs of the wider international climate research networks and communities, e.g. including GCOS, WCRP, CEOS, CGMS, SCO, GEO, Future Earth etc?
  6. Is CCI complementary to other relevant ECV development activities in Europe and supporting the transfer into operational climate services?
  7. Is CCI developing best practice for climate data record creation, including uncertainty estimation, cross-ECV consistency, data standards and validation?
  8. Is the Knowledge Exchange Strategy successfully raising awareness of the ground-breaking science being performed by CCI and enhancing activities in the domains of communication, education and outreach?