Summer School

The objective of the Summer School is to equip the participants with the competency of evaluating climate change using satellite data and use state-of-the-art software to analyse Essential Climate Variables (ECVs).

This online two-week course is part of the well-known Curious U summer school of the University of Twente. The course introduces participants to key aspects of climate change monitoring and analysis with a focus on drought. Satellite data records of soil moisture are analysed and visualised with the Climate Analysis Toolbox (CATE) of the ESA Climate Change Initiative.

A series of lectures and exercises take the participants through the journey of analysing records of satellite-derived soil moisture data and predicting the return period of drought events.

At the end of the Summer School, you will:

The course is delivered in English by the University Twente and is open to students at BSc, MSC and PhD levels.

Upon completing the course and its exercises, and successfully pitching the end-of-course assignment which will be assessed for accreditation, the students can receive 2 ECTS of study credit.

The last Summer School run in August 2021. Watch this space for future events.