Cate is a software for ingesting, operating on and visualising all ESA Climate Change Initiative data. The Toolbox works by mashing ECV data and other data sources into a common data model. Users operate on this model, then analyse, process, and visualise the results.


The software comprises various user interfaces:

Screenshot from the CCI Toolbox.jpg

The Toolbox App can be used in two ways – as a service provided through ESA or in standalone mode on your own computer. The App as a service will be publicly released in September 2020. It is currently made available to testers only.

In standalone mode, the Toolbox can be installed as Python package the Conda package repository. Since it is completely open source, the Toolbox can be installed from the Cate’s GitHub repository.


The Toolbox documentation includes a Quick Start to help you get going with the Command Line Interface and a User Manual that describes each of the user interfaces. It also comprises technical details such as an Architecture Description and API Reference.


The Toolbox reads the CCI ECV datasets directly from the Open Data Portal. You can also open your own data sources such as NetCDF files and ESRI shapefiles.


We rely on your feedback! Consider reporting trouble, bugs and feature requests in the Toolbox Issue Tracker. Let us know what you think and drop us an email at We're listening.

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