Little Pictures

beautiful, data-driven visualisations that increase climate awareness

introducing little pictures of climate

Little Pictures are simple data-visualisations. They distil decades of climate data to tell a story, ignite awareness and spur action.

Create your own Little Picture and enter our competition (open from 1 September)

Win prizes and showcase your talent on our gallery using data from ESA, ECMWF, and EUMETSAT. Let's act now!

a little picture

is super simple, distilling a climate message to its simplest, clearest and uncluttered form

is beautiful by design, inspired by graphic design, industrial design & product design

is self contained and embeddable in websites, apps, articles and other content

is data-driven, rendered using tools used in data journalism to visualise climate data

is a showcase of curated Little Pictures of climate

each Little Picture tells a story using satellite climate observations

uses visual narratives to illustrate and highlight our climate's evolution

get inspired, create and submit your own Little Picture of climate

climate data

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All data is free, open and available

tools and tutorials

step-by-step guides show how to replicate and create your own Little Picture

get started using example climate datasets using a python environment

recreate our ice loss and fire streamograph Little Pictures using our tutorials

use a range of tools to create such as Datawrapper, Observable, D3, CodePen & Tableau plus graphic design software Adobe Illustrator and Pixlr.


recognising climate visualisation excellence

showcase your work at COP28 with the runners up Little Pictures featured on our gallery

win prizes including an expenses paid visit ESA's data visualisation suite in Frascati, Italy

judging panel - ESA EUMETSAT & ECMWF journalists and leading scientists such as Professor Ed Hawkins of #Showyourstripes fame

entries from 1 Sep to 4 Nov 2023